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Bulk, General Cargo & Container Handling

Cargo & Handling Tuesday, 10 May 2016 10:51
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General Cargo, as known as break bulk cargo, covers a variety of goods that must be loaded individually, not in containers nor in bulk as with oil palm or grains.

General Cargo can be transported in bales, bags, boxes, casks, crates, steel girders, drums or barrels. They can also be loaded utilizing ship’s gear via derricks/cranes or by dockside cranes. Additionally, vehicles are also considered general cargo and can be loaded or discharged via lifting or Roll-On Roll-Off (RO-RO) vessels depending on client requirements.  

However, intermodal containers are now the most used modes of cargo transportation. These containers can be moved from one mode transport to another without unloading and reloading the contents of the container. Container capacity is expressed in TEU or twenty-foot equivalent units.

In partnership with APM Terminals, the world’s leading company in container handling, we provide very flexible and reliable solutions for your cargo and container needs. Due to our new partnership, handling at the Freeport of Monrovia has increased effectiveness and efficiency by ten-fold. Their expertise in various loading and discharging methods.

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