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Public Service Announcements Tuesday, 10 May 2016 11:11

1. All consignees must display the title of ownership, i.e.: Bill of Lading, Delivery Order, IPD.

2. All validated consignees will bring their documents to the LPMC Warehouse for validation before proceeding with payment.

3. Consignees who do not have an NPA Access Pass are required to show shipping documents at the NPA Head Office gate; at which time validated consignees will be shuttled/bused into the Port.

4. All consignees must proceed to the One-Stop-Shop (Customs) to make settlement of Customs duties.

5. All consignees whose containers are still in the APMT yard shall pay only Terminal handling charges at the APMT windows at the One-Stop-Shop.

6. All consignees whose containers are in the NPA yard will make payment only for Terminal handling charges at the NPA Finance department.

7. When all documents are validated and payment of handling and Customs charges are completed, each consignee will receive a loading slip/gate pass from NPA Staff at LPMC Warehouse, to pick up their cargo.

8. Each consignee will be responsible for their own trucking.

9. Consignees are required to present full documents at the gate and depart the Port on the same date of loading.

10. Consignees are required to take delivery of their cargo within 30 days beginning February 10, 2016, through March 11, 2016. Failure on the part of any consignee to take delivery of their cargo said cargo will be auctioned.


There is a 100% waiver of all storage charges ONLY.

You are encouraged to read the New Democrat, FrontPage Africa, New Dawn, Insight, and Inquire Newspapers to review the full list of containers that fall in this category.

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The National Port Authority (NPA) was established by an Act of the National Legislature in 1967 and amended in 1970 as a state-owned corporation to manage, plan, and build all public ports in Liberia. The NPA system comprises four ports: Freeport of Monrovia, Port of Buchanan, Port of Greenville, and Port of Harper.


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